Welcome at Tothem!

We have created Sussie, the best work-flow management software you can find, while building communities for our content. Sussie is cloud-based, with users in Western-Europe. Onboarding is currently on special invite only.

We define effective social media strategies and know how to touch an audience with compelling stories using events, text, audio and video. We run campaigns and build tools.

Tothem is a full-service digital agency and software-shop with branches in Germany and The Netherlands.


We are a full-service digital agency and we build a part of our own tools. We are a bunch of storytellers, actors, programmers and musicians. We know how to keep an audience engaged and are in it for the long haul.

Ideas are everywhere, it’s execution and timing that matters. We are definitely not the young-just-out-of-school group of people. At Tothem we love experience. It’s what makes us focus on things that matter and distinguishes real tools and channels from hypes.

We are located in Germany and The Netherlands.


You have a passion, a mission and a distributed team. You work hard to build your community,
to be heard and to get the message out. And then the tools get in the way of all the fun ….

In the heart of community-building, life is hectic and dynamic. We tried every tool available to manage this process. Most software gets in the way of the creative professional and the audience. The result? Work-arounds, lost control and a high blood-pressure. In the end there is simply not enough Club-Mate to deal with it. You have been there right?

That’s why we built Sussie. It manages work-flow, the deliverables and keeps track of the financial details. Yes, Sussie takes care of the noise, so you can focus on your team, your message and your audience.

We have worked years on Sussie and yes we are on-boarding users. But currently Invite-Only.


LittleFox is an intelligent search-engine that tracks developments that are of your interest. It finds information and keeps you up to date on what’s happening. LittleFox curates the data found and presents you with a few links that are really important. We can also translate the information and provide guidance on why it matters to you, your organisation or your case.


Annually over 180 billion Euro in goods and services is traded between The Netherlands and Germany, making it one of the biggest economic relationships in the world. America might be sexy, but for The Netherlands Germany means jobs and cash (and beer of course).

From Germany we constantly monitor developments and through our Dutch-language blog “” we try to inspire the Dutch to swap their anglo-saxon focus for some genuine German love. has been around voor 5 years and has attracted a big and loyal crowd of followers. We don’t do hypes or advertorials. And just like you, we don’t like banners. So no advertising, no tracking of users. is our service to the community.


Friday at Six operates in the heart of the startup community in Berlin, Germany. We connect and entertain. We spice up events by introducing experts and moderate stages and discussions. We produce live video-streams, including interactive (internet) television.

You have a message or a new product? We are there, with all the tech and and an audience that matters. Turn-key.

Olaf Ontdekt

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. It’s about inspiring people. Young people.

Olaf Ontdekt is our non-profit Dutch community focussed around teaching, but in a different way. Olaf Ontdekt is an educational philosophy, combining the best of well-known methodes and some.

On our Dutch educational blog we share educational stories and experiences. We also operate a YouTube channel dedicated at showing how education can be done using a non-standard approach. You will find a ton of movies there.