Stage in Berlin??

Stage bij in Berlijn from on Vimeo.

In hartje Berlijn zit de Duitse vestiging van Tothem. Daar hebben we plek voor twee stagiaires. Je werkt op steenworp afstand van Checkpoint Charlie en zit bovenop de Nederlands/Duitse handelsrelatie. Concreet ga je bezig met events, social media en content-marketing.

Meer weten?


We are Tothem, the community-builders. We define effective social media strategies and know how to touch an audience with compelling stories using events, text, audio and video. We run campaigns and build tools. Tothem is a full-service digital agency with branches in Germany and The Netherlands.


We are a service-provider consisting of storytellers, actors, programmers and musicians. We know how to keep an audience engaged. Ideas are everywhere, it’s execution and timing that matters. We are definitely not the young-just-out-of-school group of people. At Tothem we love experience. It’s what makes us focus on things that matter and distinguishes real tools and channels from hypes.


Annually over 180 billion Euro in goods and services is traded between The Netherlands and Germany, making it one of the biggest economic relationships in the world. America might be sexy, Germany means jobs and cash. From Berlin we constantly monitor developments and through our blog “” we try to inspire the Dutch to swap their anglo-saxon focus for some genuine German love.


In the heart of community-building, life is hectic and dynamic. We tried every tool available to manage this process. Most software gets in the way of the creative professional and the audience. The result? Work-arounds and control lost. That’s why we built Sussie. It manages work-flow, the deliverables and even keeps track of the financial details.


LittleFox is an intelligent search-engine that tracks developments that are of your interest. It finds information and keeps you up to date on what’s happening. LittleFox curates the data found and presents you with a few links that are really important. We can also translate the information and provide guidance on why it matters to you, your organisation or your case.