TO THEM works with governments, industry associations, and regional trade-and-investment agencies.

Our stories in Dutch, German and French bridge the gap between policy briefings, high-level encounters and public relations. Turning great ideas into effective news media campaigns published on our own platforms.

We believe in the transformational power of entrepreneurship and participate in meaningful and boundary-pushing networks as we strive for a positive social and financial impact.

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The latest platform we’ve build with several partners. We focus on techology and innovation coming from The Netherlands. Operating from Paris we are open for business!


The largest Dutch-language community of people and companies engaged in business with Germany. The platform has a wide range of renowned clients and organizations as partners.

Niederlande Nachrichten


Are you looking to intensify the cooperation between your organization and German partners? Join our network of partners and start today.

Niederlande Nachrichten

At you will find more information about cross-border communication, moderation of events and media training.

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