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Cross-border storytelling

Is your message reaching the other side of the border? With experienced video editors, crossborder copywriters and social media experts, we make sure you are seen by the people you want to reach.

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With the power of our extensive business and media network in Germany and the Netherlands, you will reach your goals faster. Our network of German and Dutch decision makers is unique.

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Who should I reach on the other side of the border? Where do I start? We are happy to think along with you and provide strategic advice based on more than 10 years of experience in Germany and the Netherlands.

About us

Tothem has more than 10 years of experience connecting Germany and the Netherlands with crossborder storytelling through our content platforms and

Through cross-border collaboration, we want to promote co-creation and innovation. By bringing together Germany and the Netherlands, we enable entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians to work together on tomorrow’s challenges.

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Our platforms

Tothem Studio

Tothem Studio is our brand for special content operations. These are projects that are not run through our platforms, but require customization. Curious about what we can do together? Get in touch.


The largest Dutch-language community of people and companies engaged in business with Germany. The platform has a wide range of renowned clients and organizations as partners.

Niederlande Nachrichten


Started with 12 partners looking to boost cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands in innovation. Grown into unique database of Dutch and German organizations looking for international success.

How we work

The Netherlands and Germany need each other more than we often realize ourselves.

To be successful on the other side of the border, you need a well thought-out plan and must be able to rely on powerful partners.

Our German-Dutch partner network knows better than anyone else that we need each other for success. That’s why you benefit not only from our expertise, but also from the people we work with.

Together we work on your story in text and video and constantly seek valuable interaction with your desired target group.

We give you strategic advice so you know how to move forward. Every region, industry or organization has its own network, which you cannot enter without references.

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