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Tothem is a Dutch-German media agency based in Berlin. We are specialised in Dutch-German trade relations.

Our extensive media database will help you find the right target group. Want to know what 10 years in Germany means for your content strategy and opportunities in the German market? Get advice from our editorial team. We analyse existing content strategies and edit your messages with native copywriters. Always urgent and focused on the long term.

About Tothem
At Tothem, Bertus Bouwman and Derk Marseille connect two neighbouring countries with various platforms on a daily basis, of which Duitslandnieuws.nl and NiederlandeNachrichten.de are the most well-known.

Since 2013, we inform Germans and Dutch people about trade, technology and innovation with a dash of culture. In addition, together with a permanent team of external specialists, we carry out individual projects at the intersection of journalism and PR.

Since 2013 the largest Dutch community of people and companies who are concerned with Germany.

PR platform founded with 12 partners to make Dutch businesses more visible in Germany.

For creative teams who work with content on a daily basis, Sussie is the tool to manage the process. Sussie freelancers and clients find each other through our extensive network.

Tothem Studio
In the heart of Berlin’s entrepreneurial scene (Berlin-Mitte), Tothem has had its own studio since the end of 2020. Like the team, the studio is agile, multi-purpose and always in for innovative plans.

Commissioned by German and Dutch companies, media campaigns with podcasts and videos are designed here. Our location is regularly rented out to agencies, independent photographers and media production companies.

Tothem is suitable for groups of up to 15 people and can be rented by the day. Includes equipment and technical support if required.

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